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Definition of Sikkim

  • a state in northeastern India in the Himalaya Mountains between Nepal and Bhutan

How to use sikkim in a sentence. Sikkim pronunciation.

At the worst, the Russians-the Afghans,-or those fellows up in Sikkim and Hill Tipperah!
He was a wonderful chap and besides executing the secret survey of Thibet, he ran all over Cashmere, Nepaul, Sikkim, and Bhootan, secretly charged with securing authentic details of the death of Nana Sahib.
To hold up his head once more in official circles, and to smother the ugly floating memories ef a renegade who had served those English guns under the fierce Sikkim hill tribes against his one-time fellow soldiers.
It is indigenous in Sikkim, and known as _Magnolia Campbellii_.-Editor.

Examples of Sikkim

Example #1
But even in his moral desperation, he hung his head, for a flush of his boyhood's bright ambitions returned to shame him.
Example #2
I've a fair hand at cards-tough nerves, and even a bit of staying power.
Example #3
Anstruther picked up his marker card as he glanced at Hawke's ready money upon the table.
Example #4
His ardor was cooling in view of the very neat sum of his losses in three figures.
Example #5
He longed to ruffle it bravely with the best.
Example #6
A flattering dream which led him on to a future gilded by Sir Hugh Johnstone's money.