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How to use silver-bright in a sentence. Silver-bright pronunciation.

Or had an angel borne the message from that heaven which to-day was so radiant and so silver-bright?
A bridge crossed the river from the yard and communicated with the mills-a heterogeneous pile of dim, dun colours and irregular roofs huddled together with silver-bright excrescences of corrugated iron.
A lofty, open roof, full of large sky-lights, covered the operating room, and in its uplifted dome supports and struts leapt this way and that, while, at the height of the walls, ran rods supporting rows of silver-bright wheels from which the power descended, through endless bands, to the machinery beneath.
Thus, by the end of the afternoon watch the yacht was again spruce and clean as a new pin, and made a very brave show with her brand-new, silver-bright guns grinning threateningly out over the rail, and the two Maxims all ready for action on the top of the deck-house.

Examples of Silver-bright

Example #1
We need your donations more than ever!
Example #2
As the requirements for other states are met, additions to this list will be made and fund raising will begin in the additional states.
Example #3
A steady hum and drone as of some gigantic beehive ascended from the mills, and their combined steam and water power produced a tremor of earth and a steady roar in the air; while a faint dust storm often flickered about the entrance ways.
Example #4
Then, speeding forward, Bride returned to her native bed, which wound through the valley south of the works.
Example #5
The floor was of stone, and upon it were disposed the various machine systems-the Card and Spreader, the Drawing Frames, Roving Frames, Gill Spinners and Spinning Frames.
Example #6
The bass to this harsh treble arose from humming belts and running wheels; the crash that punctuated their deep-mouthed riot broke from the drawing heads of the machines.