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How to use sinaloa in a sentence. Sinaloa pronunciation.

She had fled in terror from her home, some place down in Sinaloa.
He was one of the rebels who helped sack Sinaloa and carry off half a million in money and valuables.
It's reported that Campo, the rebel leader, is on the way up from Sinaloa, and Huerta, a federal general, is coming to relieve the garrison.

Examples of Sinaloa

Example #1
She replied to my poor efforts at Spanish in fluent English.
Example #2
I suspected a disguise, and, when opportunity afforded, spoke to her, offered my services.
Example #3
Rojas spends gold like he spills blood.
Example #4
He decks himself in gold lace and sliver trappings, in all the finery he can steal.
Example #5
I don't take much stock in reports.
Example #6
There are dead soldiers in the ditches, Mexican non-combatants lying dead in the streets-and buzzards everywhere!