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How to use sirat in a sentence. Sirat pronunciation.

The notes of the kislar re-echo no more, And the waves of Al Sirat fall light on the shore.
Islam believes that only the cimeter edge of Al Sirat divides Paradise from perdition.

Examples of Sirat

Example #1
Where art thou, my beauty; where art thou, my bride?
Example #2
The minarets wave on the plain of Stamboul, And the breeze of the evening blows freshly and cool; The voice of the musnud is heard from the west, And kaftan and kalpac have gone to their rest.
Example #3
Beryl realized that in her peril, she trod an equally narrow snare, over yawning ruin, holding by a single thread of hope that handkerchief.
Example #4
The freezing gloom was creeping nearer, and to-day she could expect no succor, save by one avenue.