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How to use sister-she in a sentence. Sister-she pronunciation.

No consideration for her peace and ultimate happiness affected him, though he was sensible of a certain remorseful pity when thinking of her gentle ways and docile yielding to his often impatient and impetuous humors; but, after all, she was only his sister,-she could not understand his present condition of mind.
Sometimes my eldest sister-she who afterwards married our cousin, the Marquis de Listomere-tried to comfort me, without, however, being able to calm the irritation to which I was a victim.

Examples of Sister-she

Example #1
Then there was Gervase, whom he had for some years looked upon as one of his most admired and intimate friends; now he was nothing more or less than a rival and an enemy, notwithstanding his seeming courtesy and civil self-restraint.
Example #2
He was madly in love with a woman for whom his only sister had the most violent antipathy; and that sister, who had once been all in all to him, had now become almost less than nothing in the headstrong passion which consumed him.
Example #3
These long periods of hard study saved me from contact with my mother; but they aggravated the dangers of my moral condition.
Example #4
In despair I took refuge in my father's library, where I set myself to read every book I did not know.