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It came in the tiniest possible flakes, consisting this time of short needles that looked like miniature spindles, strung with the smallest imaginable globules of ice-no six-armed crystals that I could find so far.
After that the crystals are the ordinary, small, six-armed "stars" which bunch together into flakes.
All the burners of the six-armed lamp flared and flamed; and the human flamed up from within, and appeared in the glare as if it were divine. "Apollo! Jupiter!

Examples of Six-armed

Example #1
Many a snowstorm begins that way with us.
Example #2
The gale had hardly been blowing for ten or fifteen minutes, when the snow began to whirl down.
Example #3
But if the snowfall is very slight, the moisture content of the lower air sometimes is not exhausted before it stops; those large crystals remain at the surface and are not buried out of sight by the later fall.
Example #4
Such a condition of the atmosphere never holds out in a prolonged snowfall, may it come down ever so soft-footedly; the first half hour exhausts the moisture content of the air.
Example #5
But of the Marsh Woman nothing is known, excepting that when a mist arises from the meadows, in summer time, it is because she is brewing beneath them.
Example #6
The Marsh Woman is related to the elf maidens, who are well-known, for songs are sung and pictures painted about them.