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Definition of Six

  • One more than five; twice three; as, six yards.
  • The number greater by a unit than five; the sum of three and three; six units or objects.
  • A symbol representing six units, as 6, vi., or VI.
  • a playing card or domino or die whose upward face shows six pips
  • the cardinal number that is the sum of five and one

How to use six in a sentence. Six pronunciation.

David had now been in the country six months, rapidly perfecting his knowledge of Arabic, speaking it always to his servant Mahommed Hassan, whom he had picked from the streets.
David's servant, Mahommed Hassan, whom he had had since first he came to Egypt, was gliding from the room-a large, square-shouldered fellow of over six feet, dressed in a plain blue yelek, but on his head the green turban of one who had done a pilgrimage to Mecca.
His life, his fortune for Egypt, a country alien to him, which he had never seen till six months ago!
At last, with gleaming eyes, she saw six Nubian slaves steal silently behind Achmet.
At present we offer a minimum of six issues annually.
We plodded on, two or three hours longer, and at last the Lake burst upon us-a noble sheet of blue water lifted six thousand three hundred feet above the level of the sea, and walled in by a rim of snow-clad mountain peaks that towered aloft full three thousand feet higher still!
In a minute and a half the fire seized upon a dense growth of dry manzanita chapparal six or eight feet high, and then the roaring and popping and crackling was something terrific.
The next day I loaned the animal to the Clerk of the House to go down to the Dana silver mine, six miles, and he walked back for exercise, and got the horse towed.
Just then the livery stable man brought in his bill for six weeks' keeping-stall-room for the horse, fifteen dollars; hay for the horse, two hundred and fifty!
Tom So-and-So had sold out of the "Amanda Smith" for $40,000-hadn't a cent when he "took up" the ledge six months ago.
Six of the cabins were strung along one side of a deep canyon, and the other five faced them.
To do either was plainly the labor of months; for we could blast and bore only a few feet a day-some five or six.
Without difficulty she obtained her cup of tea, loitered over it as long as possible, strayed yet awhile about the Downs, and towards half-past six made for the railway station.
His mother was wealthy, and in 1817 was married to a handsome, unprincipled military officer six years younger than herself.
Seeing six boys attacking one, he attempts to rescue the solitary fighter, when to his surprise the gamin turns on him, insults him, strikes him with a stone, and bites him.
Six hours of united waiting upon the Lord followed.
While the train was making up, the cholera prevailed in camp, for about six weeks, at first with terrible severity.
Therefore, having completed our arrangements, we started for Matamoras, some three hundred miles distant, on the 19th of March, the wives of the two men accompanying their husbands, making our party six adults and one child; the brethren in Cadereita promising to pray daily for our safety.
They lived five or six miles from neighbors, and, at times, were quite destitute.
In one family, the wife and mother of six children, a Godly woman, worked at her trade (tailoress) to the extent of her ability, and prayed earnestly that God would deliver them from pressing want.

Examples of Six

Example #1
Ebn Ezra Bey had gone upon his own business to Fazougli, the tropical Siberia of Egypt, to liberate, by order of Prince Kaid,-and at a high price-a relative banished there.
Example #2
Now the Muezzin from a minaret called to prayer, and the fellah in his cotton shirt and yelek heard, laid his load aside, and yielded himself to his one dear illusion, which would enable him to meet with apathy his end-it might be to-morrow!-and go forth to that plenteous heaven where wives without number awaited him, where fields would yield harvests without labour, where rich food in gold dishes would be ever at his hand.
Example #3
Nahoum waved a hand after Mahommed and said: "Whence came thy servant sadat?
Example #4
He touched his hand to his forehead and his breast as David closed the door and hung his hat upon a nail.
Example #5
What kind of being was behind the dark, fiery eyes and the pale, impassioned face?
Example #6
What manner of man was this?