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How to use skeery in a sentence. Skeery pronunciation.

You seem kind of skeery about that.
Well, Jeb mos' fell off his cheer, when, ef he hadn't been sech a skeery idgit, he'd 'a' knowed that Polly Ann was plain open an' shet a-biddin' fer him.
I felt kinder skeery, and as nobody was allocated to me to take in, I goes in alone, not knowin' where I was to settle down as a squatter, and kinder lagged behind; when the butler comes and rams a napkin in my hand, and gives me a shove, and sais he, 'Go and stand behind your master, sir,' sais he.

Examples of Skeery

Example #1
I'm an optimist-I think we're bound to make the devil hum in the near future.
Example #2
I opine we shall occasion a good deal of trouble to that old party.
Example #3
Jeb had a farm, an' Polly Ann-well, Polly Ann was a-gittin' along.
Example #4
I don't know as she'd 'a' hit him more'n ONCE.
Example #5
I used to think they was placed there for show, but it's to keep the air off of folks a goin' through the entry, and it ain't a bad thought, nother.
Example #6
Arter you are in marchin' order, you move in through two rows of sarvants in uniform.