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How to use slippe in a sentence. Slippe pronunciation.

So then they brought the cable to the Capston, but when the anchor was almost apecke, the Cable broke, by meanes whereof we lost another Anchor, wherewith we droue so fast into the shoare, that wee were forced to let fall a third Anchor: which came so fast home that the Shippe was almost aground by Kenricks mounts: so that we were forced to let slippe the Cable ende for ende.
Of those which were taken prisoners, some principall men were set at libertie, whom the Cacique demanded: and euery one that had any, carried the rest in chaines like slaues, without letting them goe to their Countrie: neither did any returne, but some few, whose fortune helped them with the good diligence which they vsed to file off their chaines by night, or such as in their trauelling could slippe aside out of the way, seeing any negligence in them that kept them: some escaped away with the chaines, and with the burdens, and clothes which they carried.
Der var de to Søstre Polivanov, som Politiet ikke var utilbøjeligt til at slippe fri imod Kaution, da man under deres to Aars Fangenskab ikke havde kunnet finde noget graverende Vidnesbyrd imod dem.
Vi skal nok slippe igennem!
Tania følte med Rædsel, at Grunden var ved at slippe væk under Fødderne paa hende.
Bagtrappe, ad hvilken de uset kunde slippe ud paa Gaden.

Examples of Slippe

Example #1
And if it had not chanced that wee had fallen into a chanell of deeper water, closer by the shoare then wee accompted of, wee could neuer haue gone cleare of the poynt that lyeth to the Southwardes of Kenricks mount.
Example #2
The next Morning it was agreed by the Captaine and my selfe, with the Master and others, to way anchor, and goe for the place at Croatoan, where our planters were: for that then the winde was good for that place, and also to leaue that Caske with fresh water on shoare in the Iland vntill our returne.
Example #3
They tooke many men and women, which were put into chaines: They seeing the hurt which they receiued, and how little they gained in absenting themselues, came againe, promising to do whatsoeuer they were commanded.
Example #4
The Gouernour sent out foure Captaines, euery one his way to seeke them.
Example #5
Der er noget, jeg gerne vil tale med Dem om.
Example #6
Vi har det saamænd rigtig godt.