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When he was directed to the headquarters of the Chase Mining Company he went thither in slow-growing wrath.
He looked for a moment into the slow-growing amazement and understanding in her kind eyes.
He went into that in detail; the peculiar effect of fear and mental shock on a high-strung nature, especially where the physical condition was lowered by excess and wrong-living; his early attempts, as the boy improved, to pierce the veil, and then his slow-growing conviction that it were an act of mercy not to do so.
If we should find it among hinds, a remnant of the barbarisms of the Dark Ages, blindly handed down by such slow-growing people as go to mill with their meal on side of the saddle and a stone on the other to balance, as their fathers did, because it never occurred to them to divide the meal into two parcels and make it balance itself, we should be surprised; but "hazing" occurs among boys who have been accustomed to the circulation of ideas, boys old enough and intelligent enough understand the difference between brutality and frolic, old enough to know what honor and rage mean, and therefore I cannot conceive how they should countenance a practice which entirely ignores and defies honor, and which not a single redeeming feature.

Examples of Slow-growing

Example #1
He came to a big tent with a huge canvas fly stretched in front, under which sat several men in their shirt sleeves.
Example #2
The latest of this work was new and surprising to Belding, all because he was a busy man, with no chance to hear village gossip.
Example #3
Probably you'll think it's queer.
Example #4
I've only known her a day.
Example #5
The Donaldsons' faithfulness, the cessation of the search under the conviction that Clark was dead, both were there, and also David's growing liking for Judson himself.
Example #6
He spoke at length of his discovery of Clark's identity, and of the fact that the boy had lost all memory of what had happened, and even of who he was.