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How to use smoke-hole in a sentence. Smoke-hole pronunciation.

We packed the game in the stone mound, and piled stones and brushwood against its entrance and smoke-hole; and then with our guns, and the jug of what was left of the coffee on a sling between us, we started on our way.
Then there was a sound as of footsteps at the door, and the white lightning entered through the smoke-hole and circled around the lodge, hanging over the heads of the council.
Scarcely had Qastcèëlçi disappeared when the Navajo heard a voice overhead, and a bird named qocçò¢i flew down through the smoke-hole, hovered four times around the lodge over the heads of the Ute, and departed by the way it had entered.
Then he went to the back-door, which he found barred; and he surmised that the heads had made their exit through the smoke-hole in the roof, which had been left open.

Examples of Smoke-hole

Example #1
That day's journey is a distressing remembrance.
Example #2
So all Mallory and I could do was to let the fellows take their way.
Example #3
But the Ute heard not the voice which the Navajo heard and saw not the vision he beheld.
Example #4
It was not long until the cry was repeated for the third time, and soon after the captive heard it once more, loudly and distinctly, immediately to the west of the lodge.
Example #5
In a moment after it had disappeared a few of the Ute began to nod and close their eyes; soon the others showed signs of drowsiness; some stretched themselves out on the ground overpowered with sleep; others rose and departed from time to time, singly and in little groups, to seek their lodges and repose there.
Example #6
But Qastcèëlçi again said: “When you leave, take with you those bags filled with embroideries and take with you tobacco from the pouches near the fire.