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How to use snake-shaped in a sentence. Snake-shaped pronunciation.

He pawned a snake-shaped ring, and they identified this Walenn by it.
It begins about Danish warships snake-shaped, and ends about doing as you'd be done by.
The wreath of roses, with diamond dewdrops, lay lightly on her hair, the snake-shaped bracelet which her imperial suitor had sent her clasped her white arm, and her small head, somewhat bent, her pale, sweet face, and large, bashful, inquiring, drooping eyes formed such an engaging, modest, and unspeakably touching picture, that Euryale dared to hope that even in the Circus none but hardened hearts could harbor a hostile feeling against this gentle, pure blossom, slightly drooping with silent sorrow.

Examples of Snake-shaped

Example #1
I've been down and seen him charged myself.
Example #2
They've taken up a vagabond who robbed the body.
Example #3
It is long, but it has all the beef-bones in it, and all about St Alphege.
Example #4
And Denny recited a piece of poetry he knows called 'The Ballad of Canterbury'.
Example #5
She could not resist the impulse to kiss Melissa, and the half-formed purpose ripened within her to venture the utmost for the child's protection.
Example #6
Her toilet was complete; the beautiful white dress became her well.