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How to use soft-skinned in a sentence. Soft-skinned pronunciation.

They thus escape being pecked or tasted, which to soft-skinned animals would be as fatal as being devoured.
Gudrun was very beautiful, passive, soft-skinned, soft-limbed.
No soft-skinned animal should be shot with a hardened bullet, and no hard-skinned animal should be shot with a soft bullet.
The arguments of leading the barrel, etc., cannot be supported, and the result is decidedly in favour of pure lead for all soft-skinned animals.

Examples of Soft-skinned

Example #1
Edentata, migration into N. America.
Example #2
See Mr. Jenner Weir's papers, "Transact.
Example #3
As if he cared about her enough to kill her, to have her life on his hands!
Example #4
She wore a dress of dark-blue silky stuff, with ruches of blue and green linen lace in the neck and sleeves; and she had emerald-green stockings.
Example #5
You naturally wish to kill your animal neatly-to double it up upon the spot.
Example #6
At the same time it must be remembered that a '577 rifle may be enabled to perform wonders by adapting the material of the bullet to the purpose specially desired.