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How to use solicite in a sentence. Solicite pronunciation.

The Bawd told him he had no reason yet to complain; for having got an Acquaintance there, and once discovered his Passion, he had brought things to a pretty good forwardness: My advice therefore now is, said she, that you let her absolutely know your Mind, and solicite her for the last Favour; and let me know your success, and then I'll tell you how you shall proceed.
I must confess my Fault; I do acknowledge I did oft-times solicite your Wife to let me lie with her, and I must do her that Justice to tell you that she still refus'd it; until at last I borrow'd fifty Guineas of you on a Ring, and that I gave her, and she thereupon permitted me to lie with her.
For, to speake nothinge of the laste yeres preparation of the Marques de la Roche to inhabite and plante in those partes nowe discovered by oure men, which preparation was luckely overthrowne in respecte of us, by reason that his greatest shippe was cast away upon the trauers of Burwage, the men of St. John de Luze sente the laste yere to solicite the Frenche Kinge and his Counsell to plante there.

Examples of Solicite

Example #1
I can't believe, Sir, says she, that that poor Stock of Beauty I am Owner of, can ever produce any such fatal Effects as those you speak of.
Example #2
But 'tis the common Theam that you are pleas'd to entertain our Sex withal, tho there be nothing in it.
Example #3
Upon which _Bramble_ thus began.
Example #4
I pawn'd to you for fifty Guineas.
Example #5
Their maner of liuing in the Winter.
Example #6
And nowe our neighboures, the men of St Maloe in Brytaine, in the begynnynge of Auguste laste paste of this yere 1584.