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How to use sollicited in a sentence. Sollicited pronunciation.

At the same [time], NOT "calling upon" those Towns & Districts "to adopt their Principles" as his Excellency in one of his Speeches affirms, but only informing them that "a free Communication of THEIR Sentiments to this Town of our common Danger was earnestly sollicited & would be gratefully receivd.
The British Court sollicited the Assistance of Russia; but we are informd that they faild of it through the Interposition of France by the Means of Sweden.
He ended, and his words replete with guile Into her heart too easie entrance won: Fixt on the Fruit she gaz'd, which to behold Might tempt alone, and in her ears the sound Yet rung of his perswasive words, impregn'd With Reason, to her seeming, and with Truth; Meanwhile the hour of Noon drew on, and wak'd An eager appetite, rais'd by the smell So savorie of that Fruit, which with desire, Inclinable now grown to touch or taste, Sollicited her longing eye; yet first Pausing a while, thus to her self she mus'd.

Examples of Sollicited

Example #1
We may justly affirm that the Town had a Right at that Meeting, to communicate their Sentiments of Matters which so nearly concernd the publick Liberty & consequently their own Preservation.
Example #2
That the Subject might be weighd as its Importance required, & the collected Wisdom of the whole people as far as possible obtaind.
Example #3
The ostensible Reason on the Part of Russia was, that there was no Cartel settled between Great Britain and America; the Want of which will make every Power reluctant in lending their Troops.
Example #4
We seem to have the Game in our own hands; if we do not play it well, Misfortune will be the Effect of our Negligence and Folly.
Example #5
Goddess humane, reach then, and freely taste.
Example #6
Or is it envie, and can envie dwell In heav'nly brests?