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He further instituted rules for the education of the people, that “sons may be as plants grown up in their youth, and daughters as corner stones polished after the similitude of a palace.
In early times he was, moreover, declared to be the son of the goddess of the city in which he dwelt; it was not till the rise of the fifth historical dynasty that he became the “Son of the Sun-god” of Heliopolis, rather than Horus, the Sun-god, himself.
Other ministers of note at different periods were George Shadford, a name still surviving in the town; Charles Atmore, who wrote sundry Wesleyan hymns; Thomas Jackson, a great scholar, twice elected President of the National Conference; Digory Joll, grandfather of the present Mr. Watson Joll (to whom the writer owes much of the information here utilized); and to these we may add Benjamin Gregory, 1817; Robert Ramm and Robert Bryant, 1830; {68b} Bryant was called a “son of thunder,” from his great energy.

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The Roman people were offended at this jealousy, and clamored for his recall.
Example #2
Tiberius was dissatisfied with these results, and vented his ill-humor in murmurs against his nephew.
Example #3
This curious parallelism is one of many facts which point to intercourse between Babylonia and Egypt in the prehistoric age; whether the deification of the King originated first on the banks of the Euphrates or of the Nile must be left to the future to decide.
Example #4
There, too, the Pharaoh was regarded as an incarnation of divinity, to whom shrines were erected, priests ordained, and sacrifices offered.
Example #5
In 1835 Leonard Posnet was a popular minister, not only in the town but in the country around, being much appreciated by the farmers from his intimate acquaintance with their avocation.
Example #6
He was followed (1838–1840) by Joseph Kipling, grandfather of the now well-known Rudyard Kipling.