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Then he had traveled alone the hundred miles of desert between Forlorn River and the Sonoyta Oasis.
Lash was far to the westward of Sonoyta, somewhere along Camino del Diablo, that terrible Devil's Road, where many desert wayfarers had perished.
When Jim gets back from Sonoyta I'll know more about what we ought to do.
Did you see any sign of Jim out Sonoyta way?
Jim Lash rode in, reporting that all was well out along the line toward the Sonoyta Oasis.
To the right stretched the road toward Papago Well and the Sonoyta Oasis.
Jim Lash made a trip to the Sonoyta Oasis, and Ladd patrolled fifty miles of the line eastward without incident or sight of raiders.
Sunset was not far off, and there in a bare, spotted valley lay Coyote Tanks, the only waterhole between Papago Well and the Sonoyta Oasis.
He made the same impressive gesture toward the Sonoyta Oasis with the same somber negation.
From Casita came vague reports of raiders in the Sonoyta country-reports impossible to verify until his Mexican rangers returned.
He made a trip to the Sonoyta Oasis.
An old prospector had returned to Peoria, and he had told relatives of meeting Robert Burton at the Sonoyta Oasis fifteen years before, and that Burton had gone into the desert never to return.
It wound away down the valley, growing wider and shallower, encroaching more and more on the gray flats, until it disappeared on its sad journey toward Sonoyta.

Examples of Sonoytum

Example #1
Ladd's prophecy of trouble on the border had been mild compared to what had become the actuality.
Example #2
Beyond any dream of adventure he had ever had, beyond any wild story he had ever read, had been his experience with those hard-riding rangers, Ladd and Lash.
Example #3
Ladd had long been overdue in a prearranged meeting with Gale.
Example #4
On this December afternoon the three rangers, as often, were separated.
Example #5
Let the women fuss over you-doctor you a little.
Example #6
It's keeping our property from going into Mexico.