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Lose but this chance, and thou art lost for ever,- Seek him who keeps a watch for sinking souls- Ask for COX SAVORY'S HORIZONTAL LEVER, With double case, and jewell'd in four holes!
This family belonged to a class of operatives-a much larger class than people unacquainted with the factory districts are likely to suppose-a class of operatives which will struggle, in a dumb, enduring way, to the death, sometimes, before they will sacrifice that "immediate jewel of their souls"- their old independence, and will keep up a decent appearance to the very last.
Then he has a pair of wings, and he has made himself a magic wand, which he uses for marshalling souls- convoying the dead to their place.
Yet there was a man, Constantine Stephanopoulos, the grandfather of this Philopater, who would buy nothing at the price of slavery, but, collecting a thousand souls- men, women, and children-escaped by ship from Porto Vitilo and sailed in search of a new home.
The holy hermit who dwelt at the head of the valley, a full hour's journey away, from whom he had heard the tale of the great cities where dwelt people-poor souls!- who had no sheep, gave him no knowledge of that early time, when, so he reasoned, he must have been small and helpless like a lamb.

Examples of Souls

Example #1
Account thy moments dearer than thy gold; While time thou hast, appoint a good time-keeper To treasure up thine hours till thou art old.
Example #2
Why do we, like the moth around the taper, Sport with the fire that must consume our frame? Be wise in time!
Example #3
These suffer more than the rest; for, in addition to the pains of bitter starvation, they feel a loss which is more afflicting to them even than the loss of food and furniture ; and their sufferings are less heard of than the rest, because they do not like to complain.
Example #4
But, in this case, the mother's habitual ill-health had been a great expense in the household for several years.
Example #5
Even at night, Maia was saying, he does not stay in Heaven; he goes down poking his nose into Hades- on a thieves' errand, no doubt.
Example #6
He fitted horns to it, with a cross-bar, stuck in pegs, inserted a bridge, and played a sweet tuneful thing that made an old harper like me quite envious.