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GOLD +Source.+-A Lady's Visit to the Gold Diggings of Australia in 1852-53 (Mrs. Charles Clacy), pp. 19-29, 82-85 Gold was discovered in Australia at a time when the people of every nation in Europe were demanding a greater share in their respective governments.
So overpowering was it that it was easy to discover the source-a mass of putrescent matter on the doorstep which in general outlines resembled a dog.
The little stream by our camp was swollen into a rushing torrent, and we were obliged to go almost to its source-a miniature glacier-before we could wade it.

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Example #1
It also occasions the too wide dispersion of the settlers; thus necessarily increasing the expense of Government, and, at the same time, producing serious inconvenience to the farmer.
Example #2
Experience has shown that the system of free grants, which was the first adopted in Western Australia, is decidedly injurious to the prosperity of a settlement, from the facility it affords to persons possessed of comparatively little capital to acquire extensive tracts of land, the greater part of which, for want of means, they cannot use for agricultural or pastoral purposes.
Example #3
Many who immigrated in search of gold took a leading part in making the Australian Governments democratic.
Example #4
Melbourne, 1852.-The non-arrival of the Mail-steamer left us now no other care save the all-important one of procuring food and shelter.
Example #5
Paul was startled when he investigated my find.
Example #6
A couple of days later, before the entrance to Paul's laboratory, I encountered a terrible stench.