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He was an ambitious and prudent sovereign-a native of Spain-and, although he would gladly have pleased the king of Portugal, he was quite unwilling to displease the Spanish sovereigns.
The new spoons and forks were yellowy-white, and not so heavy as the old ones, and they never shone after the first day or two. Father was very ill after Mother died; and while he was ill his business-partner went to Spain-and there was never much money afterwards.
Anson, with three inconsiderable ships, which rotted gradually into one, could not himself settle the Spanish War: but he did, on his own score, a series of things, ending in beautiful finis of the Acapulco Ship, which were of considerable detriment, and of highly considerable disgrace, to Spain;-and were, and are long likely to be, memorable among the Sea-heroisms of the world.

Examples of Spain-and

Example #1
The Roman court received with respect the request made to them.
Example #2
He had not long filled the papal chair.
Example #3
We think Father hadn't enough money to pay the silver man for taking out the dents and scratches.
Example #4
And the silver in the big oak plate-chest that is lined with green baize all went away to the shop to have the dents and scratches taken out of it, and it never came back.
Example #5
Giving proof that real Captains, taciturn Sons of Anak, are still born in England; and Sea-kings, equal to any that were.
Example #6
Anson could not meet those Vernon-Wentworth gentlemen "from the other side of the Isthmus of Darien," the gentlemen, with their Enterprise, being already bankrupt and away.