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Definition of Sparganium

  • type and sole genus of Sparganiaceae; marsh or aquatic herbs of temperate regions

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Some of the upper beds at Monod abound in leaves of Proteaceae, Cyperaceae, and ferns, while in some of the lower ones Sequoia, Cinnamomum, and Sparganium are common.
A species of Zamia (Zamites) grew in the swamps, with Potamogeton, Sparganium, and Menyanthes, while ivy and vines twined around the forest trees and broad-leaved ferns grew beneath their shade.
Her skal saaledes naevnes: Juncus effusus, Lysimachia vulgaris, Lythrum alatum, salicaria og virgatum, Thalictrum aquilegifolium, Sparganium ramosum og simplex, Utricularia vulgaris.

Examples of Sparganium

Example #1
Roth, M., on Miocene of Greece.
Example #2
In one bed of sandstone the trunk of a large palm-tree was found unaccompanied by other fossils, and near Vevay, in the same series of Lower Miocene strata, the leaves of a palm of the genus Sabal (Figure 151), a genus now proper to America, were obtained.
Example #3
Even in Spitzbergen, as far north as latitude 78 degrees 56', no less than ninety-five species of fossil plants have been obtained, including Taxodium of two species, hazel, poplar, alder, beech, plane-tree, and lime.
Example #4
Among the shrubs were many evergreens, as Andromeda, and two extinct genera, Daphnogene and M'Clintockia, with fine leathery leaves, together with hazel, blackthorn, holly, logwood, and hawthorn.
Example #5
Begaerlighed aedes af Vandfugle; boer derfor udsaas, hvor saadanne Fugle holder til.
Example #6
Bladene er enkelt eller dobbelt fjersnitdelte.