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How to use spectacle-case in a sentence. Spectacle-case pronunciation.

He drew a long wooden spectacle-case from his waistcoat pocket, and placed a second pair of spectacles on his nose.
The Count felt for something in a pocket-book about twice as large as a spectacle-case; and, at length, drew out two or three little paper packets, which he unfolded, and exhibited a superb ruby.
He was sitting on a low chair which had been made for him by Sully's orders at the Arsenal, thinking and beating his fingers on his spectacle-case; then all on a sudden he jumped up, and slapping his hands upon his thighs, "By God," he said, "I shall die in this city, and shall never go out of it.
She carried her licence to hawk in her spectacle-case, until the time came when she could happily beg the gift of a pair of new ones.

Examples of Spectacle-case

Example #1
Then he sat down on the sofa, his knees sticking out pointedly, and read: "'We understand that Mrs. Sophia Scales, proprietress of the famous Pension Frensham in the Rue Lord Byron, Paris'-it's that famous that nobody in th' Five Towns has ever heard of it-'is about to pay a visit to her native town, Bursley, after an absence of over thirty years.
Example #2
Mrs. Scales belonged to the well-known and highly respected family of Baines.
Example #3
He threw on the table, with a contumptuous air, a little cross of green and white stones.
Example #4
I looked at them with an air of the utmost astonishment; but I made signs to her, that I thought them all false.
Example #5
I lay myself down in my bed again in the evening, to no purpose, as the night before.
Example #6
They will kill me; I see quite well that they have no other remedy in their dangers but my death.