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Definition of Speer

  • To ask.
  • German Nazi architect who worked for Hitler (1905-1981)

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Notwithstanding, therefore, that some of these Lower Miocene strata consist of old shingle-beds several thousand feet in thickness, as in the Rigi, near Lucerne, and in the Speer, near Wesen, mountains 5000 and 7000 feet above the sea, the deposition of the whole series must have begun at or below the sea- level.
Rigi and Speer, Lower Miocene of the. Rimula clathrata, Great Oolite.
But, Sanders," said Sam'l, brightening up, "ye was on yer wy to speer her yersel'.
Mr. Speers, Sir Brian's agent, did not know how to act, and advised Sir Brian by the next night's mail, The Reverend Dr. Bulders, the rector, left his card.
Crowds gathered at the King's Arms, and waited round Mr. Speers the lawyer's house, into which Sir Barnes was carried.
On that morning it chanced that Sir Barnes had left home with Mr Speer, his legal adviser; and hereupon the Marquis asked to see Miss Newcome; nor could the lodge-keeper venture to exclude so distinguished a person from the Park.
He had dismal occasion now to see his lawyers every day; and on the day after Lord Farintosh's abrupt visit and departure, Sir Barnes, going into Newcome upon his own unfortunate affairs, was told by his attorney, Mr. Speers, how the Marquis of Farintosh had slept for a few hours at the King's Arms, and returned to town the same evening by the train.
His only fear now was lest, from some unexpected cause or other, the comet would vanish before he could get to the observatory on Rings-Hill Speer.
When, about a month after the above dialogue took place, Swithin was allowed to go about as usual, his first pilgrimage was to the Rings-Hill Speer.
After a farewell which had more meaning than sound in it, he hastened back to Rings-Hill Speer.
But the astronomer of the Rings-Hill Speer was no longer a match for his celestial materials.
And, as if flatly to stultify Swithin's assumption, a circular hurricane, exceeding in violence any that had preceded it, seized hold upon Rings- Hill Speer at that moment with the determination of a conscious agent.
The wooden cabin at the foot of Rings-Hill Speer had been furnished by Swithin as a sitting and sleeping apartment, some little while before this time; for he had found it highly convenient, during night observations at the top of the column, to remain on the spot all night, not to disturb his grandmother by passing in and out of the house, and to save himself the labour of incessantly crossing the field.
Tabitha Lark's first voluntary then droned from the tower window, and Lady Constantine left the garden in which she had been loitering, and went towards Rings-Hill Speer.
She did not hear the remarks of the workmen when she had gone, to the effect that the young man would as soon think of buying a halter for himself as come back and spy at the moon from Rings-Hill Speer, after seeing the glories of other nations and the gold and jewels that were found there, or she might have been more unhappy than she was.
While he lingered his eye fell on Rings-Hill Speer.
SEGHELIJN zelf wordt als een soort van Graalridder voorgesteld: als hij nadert laat een geesel met vijf knoopen, waarmede JEZUS gegeeseld is, droppels bloed vallen; zelfs de speer uit de Graal-sage wordt hij waardig gekeurd[10].
Whilst the quick wary Amazon Of 'vantage takes occasion, And with her troop of leggs carreers In a full speed with all her speers.
My proper speer is de kitchen.
Auf den Altar; dann fasse den Speer, die Wache zu halten, Bis zum Morgen.

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Example #1
The conglomerates, as might be expected, are often very unequal in thickness, in closely adjoining districts, since in a littoral formation accumulations of pebbles would swell out in certain places where rivers entered the sea, and would thin out to comparatively small dimensions where no streams or only small ones came down to the coast.
Example #2
Nearly the whole of this Lower Molasse is fresh-water, yet some of the inferior beds contain a mixture of marine and fluviatile shells, the Cerithium margaritaceum, a well-known Lower Miocene fossil, being one of the marine species.
Example #3
In like manner, the Amphitragulus elegans of Pomel, an Auvergne fossil, is identified by Waterhouse with Dorcatherium nanum of Kaup, a Rhenish species from Weissenau, near Mayence.
Example #4
Thus, for example, the Cainotherium of Bravard, a genus not far removed from the Anoplotherium, is represented by several species, one of which, as I learn from Mr. Waterhouse, agrees with Microtherium Renggeri of the Mayence basin.
Example #5
They had now reached the square, and the U. P. kirk was coming out.
Example #6
I d'na want to fluster ye, but she's been ower-lang wi' Lisbeth Fargus no to hae learned her ways.