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They were driven out of their native sphere-the political-into the region of theoretical and ecclesiastical discussion, where they continued, but on quite unequal terms, their old dispute with the Pharisees.
The first sphere-the home, father and children, 1:8-9 and Chs. 2-7.
The third sphere-the world beyond. Analysis.
And since the Cosmos is a sphere-the zodiac proves that-and in every sphere 'down' means 'towards the centre', for the centre is farthest distant from every point, and heavy things fall 'down' and fall to the earth .

Examples of Sphere-the

Example #1
It was during the period of Herod's activity that the Pharisees, strictly speaking, enjoyed their greatest prosperity (Sameas and Abtalion, Hillel and Shammai); in the synedrium they became so numerous as almost to equal the priests and elders.
Example #2
By this means he succeeded in relegating the Sadducees to utter insignificance.
Example #3
Key-word here is "my son.
Example #4
Scheme of the Considerations Found in Proverbs.
Example #5
The second sphere-friendship; companions is the important word.