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Which made them, though it were in spight Of nature and their stars, to write.
Gainst all together, for the Crown; But kept the title of their cause From forfeiture, like claims in laws And prov'd no prosp'rous usurpation Can ever settle in the nation; 210 Until, in spight of force and treason, They put their loyalty in possession; And by their constancy and faith, Destroy 'd the mighty men of Gath.
Whether your heirs shall be your own, To whose integrity you must, In spight of all your caution, trust; And, 'less you fly beyond the seas, Can fit you with what heirs we please; 330 And force you t' own 'em, though begotten By French Valets or Irish Footmen.
And prov'd no prosp'rous usurpation Can ever settle in the nation; 210 Until, in spight of force and treason, They put their loyalty in possession; And by their constancy and faith, Destroy 'd the mighty men of Gath.
And I can shunne it too, in spight of all, Not going to field; and there to, being so mounted As I will, since I goe.
All to his good makes, spight of death and hell.
In spight of my betrai'd wounds; ere my soule Take her flight through them, and my tongue hath strength 40 To urge his tyrannie.
I know to chase, the Roe, the wind out-stripping _Isgrin_ himself, in all his bloody anger I can beat from the bay, and the wild Sounder Single, and with my arm'd staff, turn the Boar, Spight of his foamy tushes, and thus strike him; 'Till he fall down my feast.
I'le press it here, till it do break my breast, It heaves to get out, but thou art a sin, And spight of torture I will keep thee in.
Whereupon it is fallen out that while you thought to escape the iustice of men, you could not auoid the iudgement of God, which as a thing by no meanes to be auoided hath led you, and in spight of you hath made you to arriue in this place, to make you confesse how true his iudgements are, and that he neuer suffereth so foule a fault to escape vnpunished.
Oh cursed spight, That euer I was borne to set it right.
O spight! too old to be ingag'd to yong Lys.
Loe, she is one of this confederacy, Now I perceiue they haue conioyn'd all three, To fashion this false sport in spight of me.
For if but once thou shew me thy gray light, Ile finde Demetrius, and reuenge this spight.
But stay: O spight! but marke, poore Knight, What dreadful dole is heere?
SPEECE, species. SPIGHT, anger, rancour.
Some frounce their curled heare in courtly guise; Some prancke their ruffes; and others trimly dight Their gay attyre; each others greater pride does spight.
Vengeance and honor bade him strike to the heart which had betrayed him, and urged him instantly to the deed-when the idea of her beauty-her winning smiles-her fond endearments stole upon his fancy, and subdued his heart; he almost wept to the idea of injuring her, and in spight of appearances, pronounced her faithful.
And one, the loveliest that was yet e're seen, Thinking that I too of the rout had been, Mine eyes invaded with a female spight (She knew what pain 't would be to lose that sight).
We've shuffled out and shuffled in The person, but retain the sin, To make our game the surer; Yet spight of all our pains and skill, The knaves all in the pack are still, And ever were, and ever will, Though something now demurer.

Examples of Spight

Example #1
On the one side some who have had very little human learning, but were endued with a large share of natural wit and parts, have become the most celebrated (Shakespear, D'Avenant, &c.) poets of the age they lived in.
Example #2
Poeta nascitur non fit, [poets are born, not made] is a sentence of as great truth as antiquity; it being most certain, that all the acquired learning imaginable is insufficient to compleat a poet, without a natural genius and propensity to so noble and sublime an art.
Example #3
For new recruits of danger watch'd.
Example #4

was seen before B' as orthodox a Senator; From whose divine illumination He stole the Pagan revelation.

Example #5
Nor can the vigorousest course Prevail, unless to make us worse; Who still, the harsher we are us'd, 335 Are further off from b'ing reduc'd; And scorn t' abate, for any ills, The least punctilios of our wills.
Example #6
For when y' have try'd all sorts of ways, What fools d' we make of you in plays!