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As semen germinated in the positive male organ is projected into the negative uterus at conception, so ideas are generated by a positive Human Ego in the spirit-substance of the Region of abstract Thought.
Thus we see that ideas are embryonic thoughts, nuclei of spirit-substance from the Region of abstract Thought.
Man, who is a lesser spirit, also gathers about himself spirit-substance, which crystallizes into matter and becomes the visible body which the spiritual sight reveals as placed inside an aura of finer vehicles.

Examples of Spirit-substance

Example #1
This idea is projected upon the receptive mind, and a conception takes place.
Example #2
Then, as the spermatozoic nucleus draws upon the maternal body for material to shape a body appropriate to its individual expression, so does each idea clothe itself in a peculiar form of mindstuff.
Example #3
Improperly conceived in a diseased mind they become vagaries and delusions, but when gestated in a sound mind and formed into rational thoughts they are the basis of all material, moral and mental progress, and the closer our touch with Chaos, the better will be our Cosmos, for in that realm of abstract realities truth is not obscured by matter, it is self-evident.
Example #4
It is then a thought, as visible to the inner vision of composite man, as a child is to its parent.
Example #5
As above, so below, says the Hermetic axiom.
Example #6
The latter are in constant motion.