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The author has done his utmost to use such words as convey only the meaning intended, and in the case of some words, such as “spiritual,” there has been superadded the word “so-called,” not because the author has any belief or disbelief in such phenomena; there is no need for _beliefs_ because some such phenomena exist, no matter what we may think of them or by what name we call them; but because the word “spiritual” is not scientifically defined, and every individual understands and uses this word in a _personal_ and private way.
It is useless to argue if electricity be “natural” or “_super_natural,” of “material” or of “spiritual” origin.
Let us suppose that the so-called mental capacities are the _M_ rays of the time-binding energy; the “spiritual” capacities, the _A_ rays; the “will” powers, the _B_ rays; and so on.

Examples of Spiritual

Example #1
The problem has not been approached from the point of view of any private doctrine or creed, but from a mathematical, an engineering, point of view, which is impersonal and passionless.
Example #2
This book is primarily a study of Man and ultimately embraces all the great qualities and problems of Man.
Example #3
If we succeed in finding the laws of human nature, all the rest will be a comparatively easy task—the ethical, social, economic and political status of Man should be in accord with the laws of his nature; then civilization will be a human civilization—a permanent and peaceful one—not before.
Example #4
It will be the same with Man and the great affairs of Man—we have, first of all, to know what Man is.
Example #5
Let us suppose that the human time-binding capacities or energies in the _organic_ chemistry correspond to radium in the _inorganic_ chemistry; being of course of different dimensions and of absolutely different character.
Example #6
To make it easier to explain, I will illustrate the suggestions by an example.