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Definition of Spoke

  • imp. of Speak.
  • The radius or ray of a wheel; one of the small bars which are inserted in the hub, or nave, and which serve to support the rim or felly.
  • A projecting handle of a steering wheel.
  • A rung, or round, of a ladder.
  • A contrivance for fastening the wheel of a vehicle, to prevent it from turning in going down a hill.
  • To furnish with spokes, as a wheel.
  • one of the crosspieces that form the steps of a ladder
  • support consisting of a radial member of a wheel joining the hub to the rim

How to use spoke in a sentence. Spoke pronunciation.

He placed the papers in my hand, all save that one which spoke of him.
From the ramparts of the citadel he watched the sun go down, bathing the pyramids in a purple and golden light, throwing a glamour over all the western plain, and making heavenly the far hills with a plaintive colour, which spoke of peace and rest, but not of hope.
His light brown beard and hair and blue eyes gave him a look almost Saxon, and bland power spoke in his face and in every gesture.
For the rest, he flourished the salutations and language of the Arab as though they were his own, and he spoke Arabic as perfectly as he did French and English.
She had felt that she conquered before he spoke as, indeed, he did not speak, but nodded his head and murmured something indistinctly.
She felt the tragedy in his words, and her voice shook as she spoke.
His silence agitated her still further, and she spoke excitedly: "I could have, would have, killed him myself without a moment's regret.
Presently she spoke in a different tone; a new light had come upon her mind.
Presently she spoke again: "I shall always want to know about you-what is happening to you.
She always spoke like that.
Through her veil she gazed at Nahoum with a cramping pain at her heart, for he seemed ever on the verge of the truth she dreaded; and when he spoke the truth, as though unconsciously, she felt she must cry out and rush from the room.
He had heard also of cruelty-of banishment, and of enemies removed from his path suddenly, never to be seen again; but, on the whole, men spoke with more admiration of him than of any other public servant, Armenian Christian in a Mahommedan country though he was.
At first it seemed to her that a trap had been set, and that David was to be the victim of Oriental duplicity; but revolt, as she did, from the miserable creature before them, she saw at last that he spoke the truth.
Neither spoke, but Kaid's face was full of cheerfulness.
There was silence for a moment, and then Kaid spoke again.
He roused himself and spoke, but at first his speech was broken and smothered.
I spoke before the time.
She put out both her hands and spoke sharply.
Inquiringly he looked at Kaid, who spoke earnestly to him in a low tone.
Then this keen-eyed person appeared to me to be "taking my measure"; but I dismissed the suspicion when he spoke, for his manner was full of guileless candor and truthfulness.

Examples of Spoke

Example #1
Ah, David, what with the flute and the pen, banishment was no pain to thee! .
Example #2
God save him from the heathen sword that slew his uncle.
Example #3
As he stood watching, he was conscious of people approaching.
Example #4
The East was calling him.
Example #5
Going to weight, he was still muscular and well groomed.
Example #6
He was seldom without the string of beads so many Orientals love to carry, and, Armenian Christian as he was, the act seemed almost religious.