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How to use spring-i in a sentence. Spring-i pronunciation.

Tell Ma my promises are faithfully kept; and if I have my health I will take her to Ky. in the spring-I shall save money for this.
Pigeonswing," he said to the Chippewa, whom he had followed to the spring-"I hope, Pigeonswing, that no offence has been taken by the chiefs on account of what I told them yesterday, concerning their being Jews.
The next spring-I may mention it here-he not only held the plough, but by patient persistence and fearless compulsion trained two young bulls to go in it, saving many weeks' labour of a pair of horses.

Examples of Spring-i

Example #1
Tell Jim (Wolfe) and all the rest of them to write, and give me all the news ....
Example #2
Where is it Orion's going to?
Example #3
It is what I think, and it is an honor to belong to God's chosen people, and in no sense a disgrace.
Example #4
He had been quite as much surprised as he was disappointed, with the backwardness of the chiefs in accepting this tradition, and was now in a state of mind that predisposed him to impute everything to this one cause.
Example #5
It filled his father with pride, and hope for his boy's coming fight with the world.
Example #6
In the last harvest he had for the first time wielded a scythe, and had held his own with the rest, though, it must be allowed, with a fierce struggle.