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How to use spy in a sentence. Spy pronunciation.

I stakes all my share of the spoils on the game, and Brick Willock is in a fair way to win it, that I admit, but in comes this here spy-" The prisoner in a frenzied voice disclaimed any purpose of spying.
We have now good reason to believe that dispatches of a very serious nature are expected daily by Yvard-Yvard is the Spanish spy-" "Yvard, Yvard," I mentally repeated, where had I heard that name?
I won't say they hate him for an uncivil, hard-tongued, sneaking weasel of a spy-" "I never knew Bannon to do anything like that," said Peterson, slowly.

Examples of Spy

Example #1
That morning, he had driven the last wagon of the train, containing his invalid wife and his stepdaughter-for the child lying on the table was his wife's daughter.
Example #2
Here is a man who says he is Henry Gledware-though God knows if that's so; he comes galloping up to the door just as we are in the midst of a game.
Example #3
This much we know from letters which have fallen into my hands, and I have permitted them to be delivered rather than interrupt a correspondence which will eventually lead to a discovery of the traitor.
Example #4
Cellamare, the Spanish Ambassador, is concerned in the intrigue.
Example #5
Didn't he come sneaking up and hear what I was saying-up on top of the elevator the other day?
Example #6
They don't like the man who crowded you out.