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How to use spy-a in a sentence. Spy-a pronunciation.

Under pretence of giving her a person to wait upon her they placed near her a spy,-a man of a horrible countenance and hollow, sepulchral voice.
And allow me to ask you, if you are as scrupulous as you profess to be, how you came to bring a token to me from a hired spy-a token intended to let me know you were willing to undertake any secret service I might choose to confide to you?
If he recovers there would only be-" "Oh yes, to be tried as a spy-a renegade Englishman!

Examples of Spy-a

Example #1
This wretch, whose name was Barassin, was a robber and murderer by profession.
Example #2
Michonnis and the emigrant were detected and forthwith apprehended; and the vigilance exercised in regard to the unfortunate prisoner became from that day more rigorous than ever.
Example #3
Have you changed your mind since then?
Example #4
But you have not reached the last step yet, and never will, unless I find you more reasonable.
Example #5
But he would rather live in spite of that, if it was only for an hour.
Example #6
They forced me away-out here.