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How to use spyd in a sentence. Spyd pronunciation.

Before he spy'd him, he was praying thus.
This being resolv'd, he spy'd, by chance, Behind the door, an iron lance, 1050 That many a sturdy limb had gor'd, And legs, and loins, and shoulders bor'd: He snatch'd it up, and made a pass, To make his way through HUDIBRAS.
The dawn had chas'd the matin hour of prime, Which deaf before it, so that from afar I spy'd the trembling of the ocean stream.
That you would not have spy'd your best advantages, for your Majesty in my opinion lay too high, methinks, under favour, you should have lain thus.

Examples of Spyd

Example #1
But as he was at Prayer, my Spark endeavouring to get the Weather-Gage of him, that is, the Door: my husband chanc'd to spy him, which so disord'd and affrighted him, that he was ready to sink down.
Example #2
Counterfeit a Ghost, by which means I wou'd quickly use a Stratagem which shou'd Relieve him without Danger.
Example #3
WHACHUM had got a fire-fork, 1055 With which he vow'd to do his work.
Example #4
But SIDROPHEL who, from the aspect Of HUDIBRAS did now erect A figure worse portenting far Than that of a malignant star, Believ'd it now the fittest moment 1045 To shun the danger that might come on't, While HUDIBRAS was all alone, And he and WHACHUM, two to one.
Example #5
My son! observant thou my steps pursue.
Example #6
Whence I of his intent before appriz'd, Stretch'd out to him my cheeks suffus'd with tears.