Spyin in a sentence

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How to use spyin in a sentence. Spyin pronunciation.

Makes me sick, this spyin' on honest folks.
I struv to see her twiste, but couldn't, an' I'm afraid of bein' seen spyin' about their place.
And if there's anythin' I hate, it's spyin'.

Examples of Spyin

Example #1
I'm square, and so's Jack.
Example #2
That's like old Slayforth-always lookin' to get the worst of it.
Example #3
However, the truth is, you must sarve me in this business.
Example #4
It was then arranged that Flanagan, who was personally known to some of the Bodagli's servants, should avail himself of that circumstance, and contrive to gain an interview with Una, in order to convey her a letter from O'Donovan.
Example #5
She would spy on me.
Example #6
DAN: I'd sooner have anythin' than a spy.