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After this reluctant _regressus_ of the three into one, shutting up like a spying-glass, which (with the iron hand of Hercules forcing Cerberus up to daylight) the stern man of Koenigsberg resolutely dragged to the front of the arena, nothing remained, now that he had this pet scholastic argument driven up into a corner, than to break its neck-which he did.
Dandies who were taking the air stopped to ogle us with their spying-glasses and to offer quips, and behind them gathered the flunkies and chairmen awaiting their masters at the clubs and coffee-houses near by.

Examples of Spying-glass

Example #1
Kant took the conceit out of all the three arguments; but, if this is what _Phil.
Example #2
The physico-theological argument he forced to back, as it were, into the cosmological, and _that_ into the ontological.
Example #3
What was my astonishment, therefore, to see a change in the captain's demeanour.
Example #4
Without the formality of a sir he demanded our business, which started the inn people and our own boy to snickering, and made the passers-by pause and stare.