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How to use stable-it in a sentence. Stable-it pronunciation.

When I came to the stable-it was in the forenoon, too, at an hour when they had never been taken out before-the hostler had been away hauling feed.
It's name is Toby and it has been stolen from the stable-it was taken some time in the night, and a dog, named Splash, seems to be gone also.
It begins in a stable-it gropes its way through a dream-it keeps company with a hostler-and it stops without an end.

Examples of Stable-it

Example #1
The boys whom I had pressed into service had pulled the cutter out into the street; it was there we hitched up.
Example #2
They had not been harnessed by the hostler either.
Example #3
I don't say you, or any of your gypsies, took the dog and pony, but I would like to know if you know anything about them.
Example #4
Jaki Kezar seemed quite surprised.
Example #5
After favoring his audience with this promising preface, Morgan indulged himself in a chuckle of supreme satisfaction, and then began to read, without wasting another preliminary word on any one of us.
Example #6
Accordingly, he took his manuscript back again, and, with an air of surly resignation, spread it open before him.