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How to use standing-and in a sentence. Standing-and pronunciation.

You are making love to me in the fashion of a brigand, rather than a nineteenth-century Frenchman of good standing,-and I-I have to defend myself against you also brigand-wise, by showing you that I have armed servants within call!
I never desert my friends-even when they are friends of no very long standing-and I still tried to defend Father Benwell.
And now let us sit down on this bank,- for I feel unable to remain longer standing,-and have the goodness to listen to the extraordinary discovery which I have this day made.

Examples of Standing-and

Example #1
It is very strange,-it would frighten even Lady Fulkeward, and I think she is not easily frightened.
Example #2
Do you not realize what folly you are talking?
Example #3
The only result was to make her alter her intention of asking me no more questions.
Example #4
This view was entirely new to me; I was startled, but not convinced.
Example #5
But the firm belief that your well-meant efforts could only serve to bring to light a story too horrible to be detailed, induced me to join my unhappy mother in schemes to remove or destroy all evidence of the legal union which had taken place between Eveline and myself.
Example #6
You showed yourself more worthy of Miss Neville than I, by the spirit with which you persisted in vindicating her reputation even after her death.