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How to use star-fired in a sentence. Star-fired pronunciation.

He prayed to that nameless thing outside, of which the rocks and the sand, the spiked cactus and the ragged lava, the endless waste, with its vast star-fired mantle, were but atoms.
In the west, where the afterglow of sunset lingered over the dark, ragged, spruce-speared horizon-line, there was such a transparent golden line melting into vivid star-fired blue that Helen could only gaze and gaze in wondering admiration.
The moon had long since crossed the streak of star-fired blue above and the canyon was black in shadow.

Examples of Star-fired

Example #1
He prayed for mercy to a woman-for happiness to her child.
Example #2
Cameron prayed to that nameless thing within him, the spirit of something deep and mystical as life.
Example #3
Dale spurred his horse into a lope and the spirited mounts of the girls kept up with him.
Example #4
Objects were singularly visible, even at long range, and seemed magnified.
Example #5
At times a current of wind, with all the strangeness of that strange country in its hollow moan, rushed through the great stone arch.
Example #6
But this night of nights he must live out wide-eyed to its end.