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Gale gazed abroad, knowing that as this night was the first time for him to awake to consciousness of a vague, wonderful other self, so it was one wherein he began to be aware of an encroaching presence of physical things-the immensity of the star-studded sky, the soaring moon, the bleak, mysterious mountains, and limitless slope, and plain, and ridge, and valley.
Jack peered out into the shadowy space, star-studded above, ebony below.
Mazda brought to thee (Homa) the star-studded spirit-fashioned girdle (the belt of Orion) leading the Paurvas.
If she gazed at the star-studded canopy of heaven, or bent her head over the frowning precipices by which she was every where surrounded, she felt the absence of him with whom she could share the enthusiasm excited by the contemplation of the one, and to whom she could impart the mingled terror and admiration produced by the dizzying depths of the other.
We shall long to be weary of it all again-its vast nakedness, its shimmering heat, its cold, star-studded nights.
The night was, fortunately, fine, with a high and spacious sky of indigo, star-studded, flecked with a few thin, fleecy clouds driving up solemnly out of the eastward, and the moon, in her second quarter, sailing high overhead and affording them all the light that they needed, with perhaps a little to spare.
They carried her down the stairs, and the young priest harnessed himself to the little car, which gently rolled along, under the star-studded heavens, whilst M. de Guersaint walked beside it.

Examples of Star-studded

Example #1
These things in all their magnificence had not been unnoticed by him before; only now they spoke a different meaning.
Example #2
The clearing of the dark foreground appeared to lift a distant veil and show endless aisles of desert reaching down between dim horizon-bounding ranges.
Example #3
Far across the depths shone a pinpoint of steady light.
Example #4
Now all's over but the work.
Example #5
Now the Bull-Dionysus was especially associated with the Pleiades on ancient gems and in classical mythology-which form part of the sign Taurus.
Example #6
Thor corroborates the fact of the diffusion of these Babylonian ideas as far as Northern Europe.