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How to use stay-lace in a sentence. Stay-lace pronunciation.

The barometer came slowly down at the end of-a stay-lace.
Mr. Furze unfastened his wife's gown and stay-laces, and gave her a stimulant.
That charmer dwells over a staymaker's in the Belgravian Borders, with a life-size model in the window on the ground floor of a distinguished beauty in a blue petticoat, stay-lace in hand, looking over her shoulder at the town in innocent surprise.
Miss Billsmethi, thus renounced, forthwith began screaming in the loudest key of her voice, at the rate of fourteen screams a minute; and being unsuccessful, in an onslaught on the eyes and face, first of the lady in gauze and then of Mr. Augustus Cooper, called distractedly on the other three-and-seventy pupils to furnish her with oxalic acid for her own private drinking; and, the call not being honoured, made another rush at Mr. Cooper, and then had her stay-lace cut, and was carried off to bed.

Examples of Stay-lace

Example #1
The barometer showed a frightful elevation.
Example #2
This time her face did not appear.
Example #3
Presently, after directing him with a gasp to open the window, she recovered herself.
Example #4
She was not selfish at one moment, and unselfishly anxious for her child the next; but she was both together at the same instant, the particular course on which she might determine satisfying both instincts.
Example #5
Because you won't let me.
Example #6
As well she may, to find herself dressing under the circumstances.