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How to use steel-trap in a sentence. Steel-trap pronunciation.

A knife or an ax or a steel-trap burned as if it had been heated in fire, and stuck to the hand.
And if von could have seen that gal, her eyes like two big burning suns, and her mouth closed like a steel-trap, and her hand as steady on that trigger as the mountain rock behind her!
He placed a sarcastic emphasis on the word "professor," as the two men faced each other-Craig tall, clean-cut, earnest; Ogleby polished, smooth, keen. "Very well," replied Craig with that steel-trap snap of his jaws which I knew boded ill for someone.
Bout all growed in ag'in; but I ca'culate dat de next dat gits his hand in my head'll get it in a steel-trap.

Examples of Steel-trap

Example #1
The hunters experienced trouble in breathing; the air hurt their lungs.
Example #2
The reindeer were harder than iron.
Example #3
Lots of folks has rights but they ain't man enough to hold 'em.
Example #4
He was in the right of it, but what I admire was his being able to hold his rights.
Example #5
Some of us, I know, have other engagements.
Example #6
He was evidently preparing against any surprises which Craig might have in store, and maintained his usual surly silence.