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How to use stilt-like in a sentence. Stilt-like pronunciation.

He would swing his weather-vane head till he saw a frog ahead, then stalk him slowly, deliberately, with immense caution; as if he knew as well as I how watchful the frogs are at his approach, and how quickly they dive headlong for cover at the first glint of his stilt-like legs.
Nothing moved on it save a great heron picking its deliberate way on stilt-like legs.
The desk was a rude, unpainted pine affair, and it reared itself on its four stilt-like legs in a corner of his kitchen, in his house in the South Precinct of Braintree.

Examples of Stilt-like

Example #1
Nearer and nearer he would glide, standing motionless as a gray root when he thought his game was watching him; then on again more cautiously, bending far forward and drawing his neck back to the angle of greatest speed and power for a blow.
Example #2
I was sitting in my little blind at the beaver pond, waiting for a deer, when Quoskh came striding along the shore.
Example #3
It was well for Quintana that he had not attempted it.
Example #4
Sitting his fast-breathing mount, Lannis searched this wide, flat expanse of brilliant green.
Example #5
The sharp eyes of the little "s:d apprentice" had noted it oftener and more enviously than any other article of furniture in the house.
Example #6
On the night of her arrival, after her journey of fourteen miles from Boston, over a rough bridle-road, on a jolting horse, clinging tremblingly to her new "Master," she peered through her little red fingers at the desk swallowing up those precious papers which Samuel Wales drew from his pocket with an important air.