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Law does not put the least restraint Upon our freedom, but maintain’st; Or, if it does, ’tis for our good, To give us freer latitude: For wholesome laws preserve us free, By stinting of our liberty.
Not the men that drive the van, Plastered o'er with advertisements, heralding some paltry plan, How, by base mechanic stinting, and by pinching of their backs, Lean attorneys' clerks may manage to retrieve their Income-tax: But the old established business-where the best of clothes are given At the very lowest prices-Fleet Street, Number Ninety-seven. Wouldst thou know the works of DOUDNEY?
Or, if it does, ’tis for our good, To give us freer latitude: For wholesome laws preserve us free, By stinting of our liberty.
No stinting was permitted on this day, at least; the rule for each child's allowance being that it was to have about twice as much as it could possibly eat, thus leaving a reserve to be carried home for such as age, sickness, or other impediment prevented from coming to the feast.
Neither would stoop to stinting or to shirking, neither would give the other an inch of ground for complaint.
And he was soon led to believe that Lord L'Estrange had another, more disinterested, and less formidable motive for thus stinting his opportunities to woo the heiress. "Mr. Leslie," said Lord L'Estrange, one day, "the duke has confided to me his regret at his daughter's reluctance to ratify his own promise; and knowing the warm interest I take in her welfare, for his sake and her own; believing, also, that some services to herself, as well as to the father she so loves, give me a certain influence over her inexperienced judgment, he has even requested me to speak a word to her in your behalf!
I recall one spell, not so many years ago, when I camped informally on the Holden lot, sleeping where I could find a bed and stinting myself in food to eke out my little savings.
I have not much, only three thousand francs, the fruits of twenty-five years of stinting and scraping.
He may even spend in dissipation, and intemperance, the very intemperance which renders him so hateful, her property, and by stinting her expences, not permit her to beguile in society, a wearisome, joyless life; for over their mutual fortune she has no power, it must all pass through his hand.
The judge admitted that by careful hoarding and much stinting he had managed to save a few thousand dollars which he was anxious to invest in something good.
There was nothing for her to do any longer -no risings in the gray dawn to prepare the day's stealthy work, no running on aching feet to answer unreasonable complaints, no numberless small lies to plan in secret, no stinting of herself that her mother might have her little luxuries.
He was therefore now, in his middle age, and still unmarried, a man decidedly wealthy; having, without ever playing miser, without ever stinting a luxury, or denying a wish, turned nothing into something, poverty into opulence.
Adrienne at length, by dint of excessive toil, by working deep into the nights, by stinting herself of food, and by means of having disposed of the last article with which she could possibly part, had managed to support her grandmother and herself, until she saw me so far done as to be within another day's work of completion.
But as concerning the dead, I grudge you not to burn them; for dead corpses is there no stinting; when they once are dead, of the swift propitiation of fire.
By this terrible stinting of what we should deem the necessaries of life, he was actually able, in fifteen months, to devote a hundred pounds to charitable purposes, besides keeping the young man at the University.

Examples of Stinting

Example #1
It is only necessary to grow old in order to become more indulgent.
Example #2
Our grand business undoubtedly is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what clearly lies at hand.
Example #3
Hie thee to the thronged Arcade, To the Park upon a Sunday, to the terrible Parade.
Example #4
Write to DOUDNEYS' by the post.
Example #5
That evening he had arrayed himself with unusual care, and the result was a fine, manly figure of the well-bred New-Yorker type.
Example #6
With it came the voice that called him in the night, the voice of a woman-of the wife he had given to the lions for a crime against him which she did not commit, which had haunted him all the years.