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Moreover, our third, fourth, and fifth stories-the floor of the latter just above the ridge pole, its ceiling just beyond the stars-were, for all purposes of use and comfort, ready for occupation.
But it flashed across him suddenly like an inspiration: If her story were the simplest of all stories-the direct, rather brutal, love affair of a village boy and girl-would not she, naturally given to surrender, be forced this time to the very antithesis of that young animal amour which had brought on her such, sharp consequences?
He had heard terrible stories-the kind of stories that hardened the fighting spirit of German soldiers-about the treatment German civilians had received in France.
If we do not discover that some young Frank or Jack or Bill was the brains behind these achievements, I shall wonder what has become of the ingenuity of the plotter of the series stories-the "plotter" I say advisedly, for it is a known fact that many of these stories are first outlined by a writer whose name makes books sell, the outlines then being filled in by a company of underlings who literally write to order.

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Example #1
So we entered, hung up our hats, and told the busy builders we had come to stay.
Example #2
If at Mount Desert why not at Rock Rimmon, especially as the cost is somewhat less, the fresh air equally abundant, with nothing more malarious than the pungent perfume of the pines, and all the products of the civilized world within easy reach?
Example #3
But, wherever her devotion came from, it seemed to Hilary the grossest violation of the feelings of a gentleman to treat it ungratefully.
Example #4
He felt it an honour that anything so young as this should regard him in that way.
Example #5
He could think of one French family which he knew as being kind, but not of the whole French people as a family.
Example #6
They would be kind to him; but what might not the French Government do to him, a German!