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No sooner do we get nicely fortified with furnaces, storm-porches, double windows, and forty tons of anthracite, than June bursts upon us with ninety degrees in the shade.
The vestibules-portable storm-porches are not to be tolerated-must also be skilful doorkeepers, proof against hostile storms, but freely admitting the wandering zephyrs.

Examples of Storm-porch

Example #1
Then how we despise our contrivances for keeping warm, and bless the ice-man!
Example #2
Building in New England certainly is.
Example #3
Piazzas are not so easily managed.
Example #4
You must have double windows in winter, to be taken off (laid away and more or less smashed up) in summer; outside blinds to ward off the summer sun, which may, in their turn, be removed when we are only too glad to welcome all the sunshine there is.