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To look into our _Modern Plays_, and there to see the Differences of Good and Evil confounded, Prophaneness, Irreligion, and Unlawful Love, made the masterly Stroaks of the _fine Gentleman_; Swearing, Cursing, and Blaspheming, the Graces of his Conversation; and Unchristian Revenge, to consummate the Character of the _Hero_; Sharpness and Poignancy of Wit exerted with the greatest Vigor against the _Holy Order_; in short, Religion and all that is Sacred, Burlesqu'd and Ridicul'd; To see this, I say, and withall, to reflect upon the fatal Effects which these things have already had, and how much worse are likely to follow, if not timely prevented, cannot but fill the Minds of all good Men with very dismal Apprehensions.
Whilst the fair bar-maid stroaks the muses teat, For milk to make the posset up compleat.
But fall'n he is, and now What rests, but that the mortal Sentence pass On his transgression, Death denounc't that day, Which he presumes already vain and void, Because not yet inflicted, as he fear'd, By some immediate stroak; but soon shall find Forbearance no acquittance ere day end.
Came to the Sea, and over HELLESPONT Bridging his way, EUROPE with ASIA joyn'd, And scourg'd with many a stroak th' indignant waves.

Examples of Stroak

Example #1
It is impossible to say, how many, and how great the _Mischiefs_ are that spring from thence; which if a Man should take a View of, it would perhaps, be one of the most Melancholy Prospects that ever he beheld.
Example #2
And are these then the Entertainments for a Christian to be pleas'd with; for one whose _Salvation_ is to be wrought out with Fear and Trembling?
Example #3
Arise, thou rev'rend shade, great Johnson, rise!
Example #4
Break through thy marble natural disguise!
Example #5
Justice shall not return as bountie scorn'd.
Example #6
But whom send I to judge them?