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How to use strong-jawed in a sentence. Strong-jawed pronunciation.

She saw a bronzed, strong-jawed, eagle-eyed man, stalwart, superb of height, and, like the cowboys, belted, booted, spurred.
And that face was clear bronze, unlined, unshadowed, like a tranquil mask, clean-cut, strong-jawed, with eyes of wonderful transparent gray.
It is, of course, the figure of a man and not of a State; it is a man, clean, clean shaved and almost obtrusively strong-jawed, honest, muscular, alert, pushful, chivalrous, self-reliant, non-political except when he breaks into shrewd and penetrating voting-"you can fool all the people some of the time," etc.-and independent-independent-in a world which is therefore certain to give way to him.

Examples of Strong-jawed

Example #1
And there was something hard as iron in his face that quivered with his words.
Example #2
She was so amazed at the change in him that she could not believe her eyes.
Example #3
But Helen must decide from what she saw in his face whether or not to trust him.
Example #4
His size, his action, the tone of his voice had been reassuring.
Example #5
His doubts, his questionings, his aspirations, are dealt with by Mr. Brisbane with a simple direct fatherliness with all the beneficent persuasiveness of a revivalist preacher.
Example #6
He writes with a wit and directness that no other living man can rival, and he holds up constantly what is substantially the American ideal of the past century to readers who evidently need strengthening in it.