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How to use styld in a sentence. Styld pronunciation.

And styl'd of war, as well as peace.
Virgil was styl'd the loftiest of all, Ovid the smoothest and most naturall; Martiall concise and witty, quaint and pure, Iuvenall grave and learned, though obscure.
Upon that side, Where it doth break its steepness most, arose A sun upon the world, as duly this From Ganges doth: therefore let none, who speak Of that place, say Ascesi; for its name Were lamely so deliver'd; but the East, To call things rightly, be it henceforth styl'd.
For in those dayes Might onely shall be admir'd, And Valour and Heroic Vertu call'd; To overcome in Battel, and subdue Nations, and bring home spoils with infinite Man-slaughter, shall be held the highest pitch Of human Glorie, and for Glorie done Of triumph, to be styl'd great Conquerours, Patrons of Mankind, Gods, and Sons of Gods, Destroyers rightlier call'd and Plagues of men.

Examples of Styld

Example #1
Soon the were as deep in their studies as ever before.
Example #2
Fool, Nahoum is no coward.
Example #3
For when I read thy much renowned pen, My fancy there finds out another Ben In thy brave language, judgement, wit, and art, Of every piece of thine, in every part: Where thy seraphique Sydneyan fire is raised high In valour, vertue, love, and loyalty.
Example #4
Doubtles thy verse had all as far transcended As Sydneyes Prose, who Poets once defended.
Example #5
He was not yet much distant from his rising, When his good influence 'gan to bless the earth.
Example #6
I but of one will tell: he tells of both, Who one commendeth which of them so'er Be taken: for their deeds were to one end. "Between Tupino, and the wave, that falls From blest Ubaldo's chosen hill, there hangs Rich slope of mountain high, whence heat and cold Are wafted through Perugia's eastern gate: And Norcera with Gualdo, in its rear Mourn for their heavy yoke.