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How to use sub-editorial in a sentence. Sub-editorial pronunciation.

He wrote to Mr. Clotworthy, as Hinde had suggested, about the sub-editorial work, and to his mother about the problem that puzzled them.
But before Eleanor and Mrs. MacDermott went to Ballyards, they realised that John's sub-editorial work was hard and inconvenient.
But there was little likelihood of that happening while he performed sub-editorial work on the _Sensation_.

Examples of Sub-editorial

Example #1
III Mrs. MacDermott solved the problem, not by letter, but by word of mouth.
Example #2
Poor Eleanor would realise all this after the baby was born, and would thank him for not showing signs of weakness!...
Example #3
The unnatural hours of labour in noisy and insanitary surroundings left him very tired and crochetty in the morning, and he felt disinclined for other work.
Example #4
I'm just 'angin' on in 'ope!...
Example #5
Every night he and the other sub-editors, young and unhealthy-looking men, sat round a big table, handling "flimsies" and scribbling rapidly.
Example #6
He wished to see Hinde coming to him in a respectful manner!...