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This talk had followed the news brought by Krool to the Baas, that the sub-manager of the great mine, whose chimneys could be seen from the hill behind the house, had thrown himself down the shaft and been smashed to a pulp.
Edwin was detained a long time in the shop by a sub-manager from Bostocks in Hanbridge who was waiting, and who had come about an estimate for a rather considerable order.
After praise of his hostelry, which, as the sub-manager said, was too good for the Essenites, I set out on my travels to see the sights of the city, foremost among them being the regulation statue of William I. It was easy to find Krupps, for I had only to turn my steps towards the lurid panorama in the sky.

Examples of Sub-manager

Example #1
None of them except Byng had known him, and the dark news had brought no personal shock.
Example #2
He laughed freely but noiselessly at his own joke.
Example #3
This man desired a decrease of the estimate and an increased speed in execution.
Example #4
He was one business firm offering an ultimatum to another business firm.
Example #5
As I came nearer, not only my sense of sight but my sense of hearing told me that Germany's great arsenal was throbbing with unwonted life.
Example #6
I told the hotel manager that I was a travelling newspaper correspondent, and should like to see as many as possible, of the wonders of his town.