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How to use sub-tenant in a sentence. Sub-tenant pronunciation.

He told her that he had made arrangements for the sub-tenants to remain in the flat for the present.
He was able to arrange the sale of his furniture to the sub-tenant and get his release from the _Sensation_ in less than a week, and he wired to Eleanor to say that he was coming home and would arrive at Ballyards on Sunday.
They comprised almost one-third of the kingdom. Barons and their tenants and sub-tenants were offered an alternative of paying shield money ["scutage"] of 2 marks per fee in commutation for and instead of military service for their fiefs.

Examples of Sub-tenant

Example #1
He wrote "for the present" deliberately.
Example #2
He had written to her several times since his return to London, and she had written to him, but there were signs of restraint in his letters and in hers.
Example #3
He was too early for the Ballyards train, and he went for a walk to fill the time of waiting.
Example #4
The copies of _Hearts of Controversy_ were lying where he had left them on the previous night.
Example #5
This enabled Henry to hire soldiers who would be more directly under his own control and to organize a more efficient army.
Example #6
The bounds of the Forest were enlarged.